Company History

Right & Associates Pty Ltd, formerly known as Right Educational Consultancy (REC), was established in 2001 in Kathmandu, Nepal with a noble mission to aid students who dream to make their career in different parts of the globe. With a team of proactive, friendly and hard-working people, we achieved our mission in a very short time. Consequently, our market demand in Australia and similar destinations soared up. To cater to the high demand of the booming market, we started regional branches in Sydney, Australia in 2009 and Chitwan, Nepal in 2013.

We work with various colleges and universities across the globe as a proud education partner. Since 2001, we have successfully placed over 10,000 students across various countries including South Korea, Japan, China, Greece, Cyprus, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and the USA among others. Since 2009, we are more focused on Australian colleges and universities.

We understand that every client is different as they come to us with differing issues. We go through career counselling and guide them through their university enrolment process ensuring the desired outcome. We take pride in our friendly and qualified team of registered migration agents and qualified education counsellors. For our team members, each client is not just a case, but a dream that can come true with our organized effort. We work meticulously in every stage of career counselling and visa processing, and the result is a happy and satisfied face.

In this era of globalisation, young people dream to study and make a career abroad. They wish to study at top universities in desired courses. However, most of the time the process of enrolling in these prestigious universities and getting the required visa can be a tedious job. Moreover, preparing the relevant documents for visa processing requires experience as a slight mistake can lead to visa rejection. Here is where we come in the picture. We help students not only in this tedious process and ensure their success, but we also provide on-going support to students who are studying overseas.

Establishment: 2001

Established in Kathmandu as a pioneer of the educational consulting industry by Mr. PR Adhikari with 2 other staff members.

Service Expansion: 2008

Aggressive expansion of services with observable results. Placed 10,000+ students across 70+ institutions in Australia, China, the USA, Japan, Singapore, Greece, Cyprus, Malaysia, and India.

Internationalization: 2009

Consolidated expertise and services as an education agent for various
Australian providers while slowly phasing out services to other nations as per renewed strategy. Established office in Sydney as a focal point of operations.

Serving the Global Students: 2020

Served an increasing number of Nepalese, Indian, Philippine, and Bangladeshi students through onshore and offshore offices by placing them in Australian education providers. Served over 15,000+ students by the end of 2018.

What do we do?

Our Mission, Values and Motto

Our Mission: While embracing genuineness as our mantra, provide services of the highest quality to students and our global partners.

Our Vision: To inspire students to pursue a higher degree in Australia and other nations worldwide based on their previous qualification and experience

Right and Associates (previously Right Education Consultancy) was initially established as a pioneer to facilitate Nepalese student placement in prestigious institutions all over the globe. In nearly 20 years of our history, we have continuously improved ourselves with changing the needs of time to provide the Right Service to Right people at the Right time.

When we operated only in Nepal, we envisioned and developed Right as a place to find the best advice and motivation for students’ journey to foreign lands with high hopes of getting a quality education, eventually developing them into global change-makers. We achieved this with our honest, reliable, and efficient processes focusing on our student’s involvement rather than spoon-feeding everything as was the trend of the time. This established us a unique name among the masses and we have always maintained that if not done more. With our expansion in Australia, Right has become a global brand committed to inspiring every student form all nooks and crannies of the world find their place in an environment that nurtures them and makes them better than their own expectations. We have always found our encouragement to help you because we are passionate to connect you with professional and quality programs in Australia.

For our partners, we have always tried to solve the uncertainty of the new market by identifying target students, how to reach them, and which programs are best suited for them. We are a link between students and our partners trying our hardest to connect Right students with the Right institutions.

To cap it off, we express our gratitude to all our stakeholders; students, parents, and academic partners alike for giving us a chance to serve you.


Parashu Ram Adhikari

Founder Director

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